Telegram Groups or Telegram Channel for Marketing

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In this article we're going to talk about which is better for marketing telegram groups or channels.This article will give a detailed introduction from 8 aspects, and you are welcome to make corrections:

  • telegram group
  • telegram channel
  • share telegram channel
  • advertise on telegram channel
  • use polls on telegram group
  • use polls on telegram channel
  • build relationship with telegram channel
  • Create brand awareness

1) telegram group

you can market your brand on telegram,it can help your brand reach more audiences boost your sales and help your customers by providing good customer can use telegram groups and telegram channels to promote your brand on the platform.telegram groups help you interact with customers can create a group for your customers and you can easily communicate with the group members.the members can interact with one another inside the group.if you don't want your group to have random people who can spam your can set up a private group for your customers.

2)telegram channel

telegram channels allow you to share messages or media files with the public this is great for promoting content sharing announcements or website links.subscribers or non-subscribers will be able to see the content shared on your telegram cannot receive user engagement on channels.your subscribers or channel viewers can learn about your product promotions as they click on the content that you share on your channel.telegram groups can have up to 200 000 members.this is also useful for sharing product promotions for your business.the members that join your group are interested in the topic of discussion of the telegram don't have to worry about creating another group to accommodate more group members.

3)share telegram channel

there's no limit to the number of subscribers in the channel as you keep on promoting your business.on other social media accounts that your business owns you can share your telegram well this way you can attract more subscribers to join your telegram channel as you keep on creating content.your followers will be aware that you have a telegram channel.

4)advertise on telegram channel

they can look for your channel on telegram and decide to subscribe to our can advertise on your telegram channel.your subscribers are already interested in the topic that you share on your channel and these subscribers are more likely to convert into customers.

5)use polls on telegram group

you can use polls on both telegram groups and channel.having pulse on telegram groups can help your business in gathering opinions from potential customers or existing can gather more data using polls on your telegram group.especially if you have tons of group members who are your customers or they're your target market and the group members can discuss the poll as well.

6)use polls on telegram channel

having polls on telegram channels can also help your business in gathering data for new and existing subscribers,but telegram groups can help your polls gather opinions that support the poll,such as their reason as to why your customers or group members prefer the option that they have chosen.

7)build relationship with telegram channel

telegram groups are great for gathering a group of like-minded people who are interested in your brand.if you want to build relationships with your customers,it is best to create a private group for your loyal can update them with the latest promotions and boost your sales they can be the first to learn about your upcoming promotions,you can offer them a discount.

8)Create brand awareness

telegram channels are great for creating brand won't be able to expect engagement in the channel, since the creator of the channel or the admins canshare a message on the channel.telegram can also be a great marketing tool to advertise.your products channels allow you to share direct links to your website and you can use your channel to redirect.people to a landing page or a sales page and it can help you increase your sales.