TelePlus-Send Automatic Messages on Telegram

Using this Telegram bot tool to send mass messages to your contacts, non-contacts, groups, even phone numbers automatically in a simple way.

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Connect Customers More Efficient on Telegram

This Telegram send message bot helps you delivering marketing content or product to more users, and easily manage your customers.

Send Mass Messages

Stop sending message to user one by one, it wastes time. send mass messages with multiple accounts in the same time by this bot.

Telegram Send Message API

We use the official Telegram API to send messages and running script in the background without affecting the normal use of the account

Automatic and Efficient

Make a simple entering and setting, the bot will running automatically, Just wait for the mass sending to end.

Send Messages to Usernames

Send messages to anyone on Telegram by their username in a schedule, even if he is not your mutual contact.

Send Messages to Groups

Take turns sending messages to Telegram groups with multiple accounts, Increase the number of your message broadcasts.

Send Messages to Phone Nunmbers

Add phone number to contact on Telegram and send messages to them, transfer phone number to your Telegram customer easily.

How to Send Automatic Messages on Telegram?

Explore the best telegram messages sending way in a short 1-minute.

  1. 1
    Login Telegram accounts in a bulk

    Login your telegram account witch phone number and code, or upload the telegram session files for bulk loging. Those accounts will be used to send messages.

  2. 2
    Enter a user list that you want to message

    Enter a user list that you want to message. you can enter usernames, phone numbers, group links.

  3. 3
    Enter the message content

    Enter the message text content you want to send.

  4. 4
    Click start messaging button to witness miracles

    It will send auto messages with multiple accounts in a turn, what you need is just waiting result.


More Powerful Features about Message Send Bot Tool

Send Direct Messages to Telegram Group Members

This bot makes it easy to broadcast messages to your all group members or seize competitors' members, It helps send direct messages to any group members, no need of being admin. scripts can easily scrape target audience details from different groups. They can segment the users and send them automated direct messages.

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Send Private Messages to Phone Numbers on Telegram

If you have a bulk phone numbers and want send messages to them on Telegram, this bot will helps. It will run script on the background, and using Telegram API to add them to your contacts and send private messages to them, transfer phone numbers to your Telegram customers.

Rapid Scraping Capability

Send Broadcast Messages to Bulk Telegram Groups

You can use this bot to send messages to many different Telegram groups in turn. Expand the influence of your marketing advertisement a hundred times to those targeted groups.

Customizable Member Targeting

Send Automatic Messages with Muliple Accounts

This bot support login multiple Telegram accounts to send automatic messages. Different accounts work in the same time, and send to different users, Improve the speed of mass sending and reduce account risks.


Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers.

The installation is straightforward. Simply visit the Chrome Web Store, search for Telegram Sender, and click to install.
Absolutely safe. We value your privacy and security, ensuring all operations are conducted in compliance with Telegram policies and safety standards.
There are no limits. You can scrape any number of group members as needed.
Key features include member scraping, member management, bulk adding, and quick group building.

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