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Elevate your Telegram group's reach with Telegram Member Adder, the ultimate Chrome extension for group admins and marketers. Effortlessly add and manage thousands of members. Ideal for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, marketers, and community leaders.

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Rapid Member Scraping

Utilize our advanced technology to easily scrape member information from other Telegram groups.

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Efficient Member Data Management

Simple and intuitive management tools help you easily organize and filter scraped member data.

Rapid Scraping Capability

Synchronized Multi-Account Adding

Add members using multiple accounts simultaneously, significantly increasing efficiency.

Customizable Member Targeting

Build Super Groups in a Day

With Telegram Member Adder, build a Telegram group with over 10,000 members in just one day.


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Join thousands of satisfied customers using our product globally.

As a Telegram group admin, I've always been looking for effective ways to expand our group's impact. Since using Telegram Member Adder, I've been amazed to see a rapid increase in our group membership, and it's incredibly user-friendly. This extension has truly revolutionized my group management, allowing me to focus more on content and community building.

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Zhang Wei
Telegram Group Admin

In the crypto field, having an active Telegram community is crucial. After using the Telegram Member Adder extension, my community has grown rapidly in size and engagement. I sincerely recommend this tool to anyone looking to expand their community's impact. It's not only powerful and efficient but also very easy to use.

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Cryptocurrency Practitioner

In the pharmaceutical industry, getting the right information to the right people is crucial. Telegram Member Adder has helped me effectively add more potential customers and interested individuals to our health discussion group. This has not only enhanced our brand visibility but also strengthened our customer relations. I highly recommend this extension to anyone seeking an effective group growth strategy.

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Sarah Johns
Pharmaceutical Sales

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The installation is straightforward. Simply visit the Chrome Web Store, search for Telegram Member Adder, and click to install.
Absolutely safe. We value your privacy and security, ensuring all operations are conducted in compliance with Telegram policies and safety standards.
There are no limits. You can scrape any number of group members as needed.
Key features include member scraping, member management, bulk adding, and quick group building.
You can build a group with over 10,000 members in just one day.

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