How to add members to a Telegram group? 4 Tips for you.

Telegram is one of the top ten applications with the highest open rate in the world. It currently has more than 500 million monthly active users, and its download and registration speed has surpassed competing products such as WhatsApp. The maximum number of people in a Telegram group can reach 200,000, far exceeding other communication marketing tools.

On Telegram, you can create public or private groups. in addition, you can also create channels on Telegram with no upper limit on the number of members. Channels are similar to WeChat public accounts and can be subscribed by fans. In the channel, Sellers can share photos and videos of updated products and promote the latest news about brands and products to subscribers. Precisely because Telegram has such powerful social functions, more and more cross-border teams have begun to attach great importance to Telegram’s potential as a marketing tool.

When Increasing your Telegram group member count , you need to avoid platform risks, maintain the group in a safe manner, and recruit people in batches to quickly adding members in the group.

Things you need to know about adding telegram members

1. Telegram group must be an old group to add new members

  • It is easy to ban the newly created group by increasing members in batches. Therefore, the new group needs to be maintained for a period of time before inviting members.
  • Or buy an old group.
  • Old groups are more suitable for Telegram group growth and increase members count.

2. Set up multiple administrators for a group to add members

A group owner only creates one group and then adds multiple administrators. In this way, even if the group owner's account is banned, he can continue to manage the group, avoiding the loss of all groups and robots due to account ban.

3. The frequency of adding members to group must be controlled.

No matter what group growth tool you use, you need to control the frequency of adding member to the group. Generally speaking, there are the following considerations:

  • One account can add up to 30-50 people per day. If it is an agreement number, if you pull 10-20 people at a time, you should pay attention to risk control issues.
  • Use multiple accounts to automatically add people in batches. For example, if a group needs 1,000 members, it needs to use 50 accounts, with an interval of 1 or 2 days.
  • It is recommended that a group increase 1,000-2,000 people a day. If the members that you added is particularly active, it is recommended to adding slowly, adding in time periods, reduce the number of adding, and add a more realistic chat atmosphere to the group.
  • Some users are easy to report. It is recommended to add impulsive members to the group to avoid recruiting people in this group next time.
  • Use software for automated operations as much as possible, as manual operations are less efficient. For example, Teleplus Member Adder software

4. What should I do if the group is subject to risk and member increase stoping after adding too many member?

How to tell if the group is under risk and no one can be added? There are three situations:

  • The number of Group member cannot increase: the number of people added to the group is equal to the number of people who have withdrawn, and the number of group member cannot continue to increase.
  • Operation log display limitations: A large number of "can't not invite for this group" prompts appear in the log display during software operation.
  • New or normal accounts are restricted: When using a new or normal account to create a group, you will be prompted with "too many requests" immediately.

In this case, you need to stop adding members. You can send bulk private messages to target members to guide them into groups. Here is a brief introduction to the points to note when sending bulk messages to group members:

  1. When sending messages, it is critical to maintain reasonable intervals. It is recommended that the same account wait at least 600 seconds after sending a message.
  2. The limit for sending messages without links from a single account is 40, and it is best to keep the number of messages with links below 30.
  3. After a batch of accounts completes a round of operations, it is best to change and switch IPs immediately before proceeding with the next batch of account operations.
  4. Use software for batch operations as much as possible, as manual operations are less efficient. For example, Teleplus group sending software

Solution for Telegram Account limited

  1. If your account is banned or limited frequently during the early stages of sending messages or adding members, you need to change the group. If the prompts still appear frequently after changing groups, cool down some accounts individually for more than 48 hours before operating again.
  2. When encountering restrictions, you can contact the @SpamBot robot to appeal and lift the restrictions. If the restrictions cannot be lifted, the account may be canceled after a period of time. The bot will also provide information on when the restriction will be lifted.

The above are the things you need to pay attention to when adding members to Telegram groups.

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