How to Send Bulk Messages to Telegram Group Members? This Guide for You

As a popular messaging application, Telegram provides a variety of ways to send bulk messages to group members, allowing users to choose the appropriate method according to their needs and effectively convey information.

What are the ways to send bulk messages on Telegram?

1.Broadcast messages in Telegram channels

Telegram channels are an ideal platform for broadcasting message. By creating and managing channels, you can broadcast messages to all subscribers without requiring their authorization to receive them. This method is suitable for publishing news, notices, promotional information, etc.

2.Send messages in Telegram groups

Telegram groups allow members to interact and communicate with each other. Administrators can send message directly to all group members. Group members can reply and communicate, making it a good community-building tool.

3.Automate messaging with Telegram bot

Telegram bots (Bots) are automated tools that can send bulk messages on a scheduled or triggered basis based on preset conditions or commands. This can be used for automated replies, schedule messages, or user interaction.

4.Develop bulk messaging software combined with Telegram API

Telegram's API provides developers with rich functions and interfaces to develop customized messaging solutions. With API, you can implement more advanced message sending and management to meet specific needs and scenarios.

5.Use third-party tools to expand bulk messaging capabilities

In addition to the functions officially provided by Telegram, there are many third-party tools and software that provide more advanced bulk messaging features to help you send bulk messages to group members. For example, is a free tool specifically for bulk messaging, scraping group members, and more.

How to send bulk messages on Telegram?

Whether it is a Telegram group or a Telegram channel, it takes a certain amount of time to set up. If a group of users are obtained, how to send bulk messages to them? How to scrape group members? Try this tool:

Telegram officially does not support bulk messages, so you can only use tools. Help you reach users quickly and efficiently.

Here is a software recommended - Telegram Multi-Account Sender.

What is Telegram Bulk Message Sender?

Telegram Bulk Message sender is a software focused on Telegram traffic marketing. It supports importing session accounts and logging in to your own account. It allows multiple accounts to send bulk messages at the same time, perform cyclic mass sending, and improve your marketing efficiency.

It only takes three steps to automate mass sending:

1.Import the session accounts or login your Telegram account

As a brand new protocol bulk sending software, it supports batch import of session account files from local. You can also enter your phone number and verification code to login. You are not required to apply for any appid and apphash.

2.Enter the usernames that you want send messages

Supports group sending of private messages, group sending, and phone number group sending. Enter the username list/group link list/phone number list.
How to collect username? See article:

3.Set the interval, choose account, and send in batches

Set intervals to help avoid risks. Telegram’s privacy policy limits abuse and advises against spamming.

Telegram Bulk Message Sending Tool: Automatic private message bulk sending, group mass sending

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