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Connect with Your Customers on Telegram

Please Try the easy and auto Telegram Sender for Telegram messenger online

Just Two Step For Your Work

Send or Invite Customer within seconds.Up to two steps to achieve bulk messenge and customer invitations.

Mimic Human Behaviour

Reduce your account risk by mimicking human behavior. This includes the random delay between sending messages.

Easy Scraper Telegram Hot Group Member

Automatically Scrap all Telegram group Members and extract Telegram user id for you.

Quickly Send to Customer

Automatically send bulk messages to users, support custom messages text, and provide diversified options for bulk message send.

Bulk Invite Customer to Telegram Group

Invite users into groups in batches to quickly expand your users. Effectively improve user engagement rate.

Account Security Settings

Is telegram messenger safe ? Support custom operation time interval and operation frequency to reduce the risk of account ban.

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Download Telegram Sender - Free bulk message send!

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Telegram Sender In-Depth Analysis

Automatically scraper Telegram group member data.

Do you want to quickly get the user information of hot telegram group?Now navigate to the group you want to get user information, open the extension and set the maximum number of users to get at one time through the scraping function, then click "start scrapering", after a while you will get a large number of user ids, the next step can be Start your marketing.

WhatApp Sender

Automated and Precisely Customized Bulk Messenge for Your Business.

Do you have bulk messenge needs? The extension pushes messages to customers through user name, which is fast and efficient, and can maximize the efficiency of marketing.

WhatApp Sender

Batch and fast user invitations help build private domain traffic.

Do you want to quickly build your own private domain traffic pool? The extension can assist you to invite customers into your group quickly and then you can implement more efficient marketing measures within the Telegram group.

WhatApp Sender

What People Say

We waited until we could do it right. Then we did! And Better.

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With Telegram Sender, I can easily reach out to my target audience and promote my brand effectively.

The tool provides various features such as group messaging, broadcast messaging, and personalized messaging to engage with potential customers.

Doris. C
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Great tool, great support!

They keep adding features. A must-have for the Business team!

I have found TG marketing secrets in Teleplus, which make my startup earn more and grow fast.

David. D
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I have been using Telegram Sender for my business for several months now, and I am extremely satisfied with the results. The tool has helped me increase my customer base by allowing me to send targeted messages and promotions to my subscribers.

It's an essential tool for any business looking to grow and expand their reach.

 Marry. J

Frequently Asked Questions

Using Telegram Sender, you could send bulk messages in 2 steps.

The specific operation tutorial.
To protect the security of your account, we recommend that the number of messages sent per day from a single Telegram account is 50 to 200.

Of course, Telegram Sender does not limit the number of accounts you can log in to, so you can switch between numerous accounts to achieve your goal of sending 10,000 messages a day.

Note: Do not uninstall the Chrome extension by switching Telegram accounts, uninstalling the Chrome extension will cause your activation code to expire.
Of course you can, but we do not recommend that you send more than 200 messages on one account. Although some of our users send more than 30,000 messages per day, they often have multiple Telegram accounts.

Also, don't violate Telegram's rules, send sensibly using Telegram, and don't send spam or hard-sell ads.

Once reported by a user, you will be immediately banned and we are not responsible for your actions.
Nope, it is specially set to protect the security of your account, and the minimum security interval is: 20 to 25s. 

But it is adjustable. If you have a better security strategy in which you could send mass messages without intervals and not be blocked, you could provide it to us. And If it is reasonable, we will adjust and put it online in time.
To use an ig follower export tool, first, choose a reliable and trustworthy tool.

1. Select the Instagram account whose followers you wish to export, and specify the desired format and layout of the exported data.
2. Once the specifications have been set, initiate the export process and allow the tool to generate and download the exported data.
3. Review and analyze the exported data to gain insights into your followers and their engagement patterns.

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Download Telegram Sender - Free bulk message send!